Aluminum & Tinwork Services
Get a $500 discount on a complete interior tin package quote - Finish your current project or update your tired tinwork with an award winning CDRC interior. Inner Fenders - Firewall - Dash - Floors - Tunnels - Tubs and more. Call for a discounted quote on your exact interior project!

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Steel floors are a specialty - We have refitted over 50 steel floor retrofits with the custom formed 22 gauge steel drivers floors. Current race cars with weakened or aluminum floors are formed with custom bead rolling and ergonomic foot clearance. Custom steel flooring is also standard features on CDRC Bracket, Top Sportsman and Pro Modified chassis.
Powder coating and carbon fiber options available for a show-stopping interior - call 217-458-2703 and discuss
your ideas today.

CDRC Custom Tinwork
Quality interior and firewall installation
Quality tinwork services for your new race car, re-skinning your existing race car or even just a replacement panel or two. No job is too large, too small at CDRC. Get quality work that will satisfy your needs to keep you as a permanent customer.
No job is too large, too small at CDRC
- Get quality work that will satisfy your needs to keep you as a permanent customer.

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All prices on chrisduncanracecars.com are subject to change. Though we try to keep all product pricing current, the volatile nature a metal and raw material pricing may change on an almost daily basis.

Please fell free to confirm all past quotes and current product pricing with our customer service center.

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