Chris Duncan Tuning Services

Complete Doorslammer Chassis Tuning Service

From bracket racing to Top/Sportsman to Pro Modified, Chris Duncan a used his own extensive experience tuning new race cars, refine customer chassis and fine tune his own Pro/Modified race cars with championship winning results.
Not only has Chris' services been applied in all corners of the United States, his tuning experience has been hired around the world including the Middle East, Sweden, England and Canada.
Whether you compete in NHRA, ADRL, IHRA, NMCA, PMRA, or independent events, Chris can adjust all aspects of your chassis any horsepower level you are applying the the chassis.

Accurate weights, scaling and measuring can be applied by CDRC to your overall chassis design, 4-Link geometry, Front suspension geometry and strut and shock bias adjustments both front and rear. Chris' trackside-tuning prowess has earned him a successful reputation around the world to get more power to the ground.

Supercharged Engine Tuning Service

From small to large displacement supercharged engines, Chris Duncan's championship winning experience is similar to his chassis tuning reputation. Teams from all over the globe have hired and benefitted from his engine, clutch, fuel and overall race car tuning assistance.

Chris Duncan Race Cars
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All prices on chrisduncanracecars.com are subject to change. Though we try to keep all product pricing current, the volatile nature a metal and raw material pricing may change on an almost daily basis.

Please fell free to confirm all past quotes and current product pricing with our customer service center.

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